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Water is a resource for human survival and its scarcity often creates tension within communities and nations globally. By prioritizing negotiation techniques that encourage cooperation among involved parties and advocating for water management practices we can effectively address this issue. Our research efforts and advocacy campaigns focus on enhancing understanding, among stakeholders with the goal of bridging their interests through approaches that benefit everyone...

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Having access, to water, proper sanitation facilities and enough food and energy is crucial for sustaining life. With the world’s population increasing, the availability of fresh water is becoming more and more limited. This presents a challenge for societies across the globe, as It's incredibly important that we tackle this problem head on and make sure that every person has access to these necessities for survival. By implementing strategies for managing water resources and promoting practices we can work towards addressing this urgent issue and securing a brighter future for everyone.

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INWRDAM launched the "Youth for Climate Action" initiative


Workshop on identifying Users and Uses of the Water-Energy-Food-Ecosystem Nexus Hub for MENA (WEFE Nexus Hub)


The Agriculture and Water Committee in the Jordanian Senate held a meeting, with the Executive Director of INWRDAM , dis...


Assess State of the practice WEFE and regulatory review: Baseline Study on the Status of the WEFE Nexus in SEMED Countr...

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Water gives life and every life is made of water. Every human being should have access to safe water for drinking,



Water gives life and every life is made of water. Every human being should have access to safe water for drinking, appropriate sanitation and enough food and energy. With the increase of population the amount of fresh water is becoming scarce throughout the world.

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