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Welcome to our Water Diplomacy Organization! 

INWRDAM is a “think and do tank” that not only generates ideas and knowledge (think) but also actively implements practical solutions (do) related to the WEFE Nexus (Water, Energy, Food and Ecosystems).

As a regional think and do tank, INWRDAM is focusing on the WEFE Nexus engage in a wide range of activities aimed at advancing the understanding and implementation of integrated resource management. These activities include research and analysis to identify nexus-related challenges and opportunities, development of innovative technologies and practices for resource optimization, advocacy for policy reforms that support nexus approaches, capacity building through education and training programs, as well as on-the-ground projects that demonstrate the benefits of integrated resource management at local and regional scales.


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Knowledge creation and sharing

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13 International Symposiums… Since beginning of INWRDAM

7000 Trainees…. Since 2020

Enhanced irrigation systems… 200 farms