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Welcome to our Water Diplomacy Organization! 

INWRDAM is a “Think & Do Tank” as it aims to promote resolutions for water related conflicts by fostering dialogue and collaboration. Water is a resource for human survival and its scarcity often creates tension within communities and nations globally. By prioritizing negotiation techniques that encourage cooperation among involved parties and advocating for water management practices we can effectively address this issue. Our research efforts and advocacy campaigns focus on enhancing understanding, among stakeholders with the goal of bridging their interests through approaches that benefit everyone.

Vision Statement 

INWRDAM envisions a world where disputes over water ownership and distribution are resolved through cooperation promoting harmony. We aim to be leaders in hydro diplomacy by working with organizations, governments and private enterprises worldwide. Our objective is to encourage fairness in water use and by developing strategies for managing conflicts. Through these endeavors we strive to raise awareness and foster appreciation for the importance of water, among populations while contributing to the well-being of our planet.


Mission Statement 

Our organization which focuses on water diplomacy between governments, is dedicated to promoting the sustainable management of water resources across borders. Our goal is to foster cooperation and dialogue among nations encouraging effective solutions to water related challenges. We strive to ensure that every individual has access to adequate water while promoting sustainable management of water resources as a part of our efforts to implement the “Water-Energy-Food-ecosystem” (WEFE) hub. To achieve this objective, we will actively engage with governments, stakeholders and local communities in order to nurture a culture of cooperation and collaboration. Our aim is also to enhance shared awareness regarding the value of water as a resource for all individuals.

Area of expertise 

Knowledge creation and sharing

Community of practice

Regional Dialogue


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13 International Symposiums… Since beginning of INWRDAM

7000 Trainees…. Since 2020

Enhanced irrigation systems… 200 farms