Assess State of the practice WEFE and regulatory review: Baseline Study on the Status of the WEFE Nexus in SEMED Countries and selected neighbours

INWRDAM Launches International Call for Proposals on the WEFE Nexus Baseline Study

The Inter-Islamic Network on Water Resources Development and Management (INWRDAM) announce an open international call for proposals aimed at conducting a comprehensive baseline study on the Water-Energy-Food-Ecosystem (WEFE) Nexus in the South East Mediterranean (SEMED) region and selected neighboring countries.

Facing escalating challenges exacerbated by climate change and burgeoning population demands, the SEMED region has encountered severe water scarcity, threatening both water security and environmental sustainability. INWRDAM's initiative seeks to address these critical issues by employing a holistic approach through the WEFE Nexus framework.

This study holds the key to understanding the interdependence of water, energy, food, and ecosystems in the SEMED region, It aims to provide valuable insights into strengthening regional cooperation, enhancing water security, and fostering socio-economic development while preserving environmental integrity.

The scope of the study covers an extensive geographical area, including countries such as Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Jordan, West Bank, Israel, Gaza Strip, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Sudan.

Through a meticulous assessment structure, the study will delve into the current state of each country's WEFE sectors, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for building resilient interconnections. Furthermore, it will highlight success stories and best practices while evaluating the existing regional cooperation mechanisms around the WEFE Nexus.

For further details and inquiries regarding the RfP, interested entities are encouraged to contact INWRDAM via email at before the closing date for questions and inquiries on December 31, 2023.

Contact Information:
INWRDAM Contact:

Important Dates:
RfP Closing Date: January 10th, 2024
Estimated Contract Award Date: One week after closing date

Note to Proposers:
Proposals must be prepared in English and submitted to
Late or incomplete proposals will not be considered.

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